Writing an executive summary with recommendations

Your executive summary should highlight the best features of your business plan.

how to write an executive summary for a presentation

Have you clearly outlined the key messages and any action needed as a result? While writing your executive summary, read through your business plan and take the most vital information from each section. Getting to the point is key - but often a challenge.

Obviously, you should devote a good portion of your time to reading and rereading the summary. That means the executive summary is an essential gateway for your business plan to get read. After describing the elements above, the executive summary should also have a brief financial summary.

how to write an executive summary for a report

Make them into headings that stand out. Consider creating different versions for each audience, he says, but make sure that it's always kept professional, crisp, and free of any embarrassing errors.

Think logically. What decisions have to be made and when? This business plan naturally requires an executive summary. Hopefully this article has alleviated some of the overwhelming feelings that come with getting the ball rolling.

The main section needs to focus on the interesting and most relevant bits of the report.

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How to Write An Executive Summary