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Wolfe: As an enthusiastic and energetic individual with solid experience leading summer camp programs for children aged 8 to 12, I am excited to submit the enclosed resume for your review.

Safety will always be a top priority when children are involved.

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Networking Skills The camp counselor experience is an inherently social game. Getting that camp counselor experience is an exciting time. I believe that my experience with children and leadership skills would make me an excellent camp counselor for your summer program. Are you applying for a counselor position at a robotics sleep-away or faith-based retreat? I'd rework that. Again, given that you are in 8th grade your letter is fine, especially for a first draft. Build and sustain positive relationships with campers, families, fellow counselors, volunteers, and community members. Similar to your superb camp counselor resume , it is necessary to tailor your cover letter to the type of camp you are applying for.

C too. You conclude by highlighting personality traits that you believe would be assets for the position. You won't ever regret it. You are looking for your dream job and need a cover letter?

Recognized for ability to plan and execute camp programs with the perfect blend of developmental activities, physical exercise, and entertainment.

The hiring manager should have no doubt about your emotional intelligence and ability to relate to children when they reach the end of your cover letter. No Comments Click here to cancel reply.

Newer types of camps many of which are not exclusive to the summer season and take place throughout the year offer a wide range of specialized activities for kids to enjoy.

Author: Camp Leaders 17 Dec Share When I was in my final year of university I was constantly being asked the standard grown up questions by parents, lecturers and family friends that no twenty-something wants to be asked "What are you doing after university?

A bunch of us went on a NYC bar crawl. Last summer I was back in camp as a division head.

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You can follow these three tips, or you could save time and use our acclaimed resume builder. Getting that camp counselor experience is an exciting time. As a lifeguard for three summers, I led swimming lessons for children ranging from six to ten years old and learned to cater my lessons to each age group. My education, experience, and certifications make me a qualified candidate, but my enthusiastic leadership style, passion for youth development, and dedication to providing a stimulating camp environment set me apart from the competition. Similar to your superb camp counselor resume , it is necessary to tailor your cover letter to the type of camp you are applying for. I spent the night at a hostel in NYC where I met hundreds of people from around the world going to summer camps across the country. It's easy to say that I'll look back at these summers and realise that I made the best decision applying for camp. Before I got to know these youngsters, I was worried that they would detect my discomfort, catch me staring at them, misinterpret something I might say, or be hurt somehow by my actions or words. The areas that could use improvement are in the style of the writing. These experiences will help me be an excellent leader at your summer camp. Camp culture is communal, not individualistic, which means that teamwork and diplomacy are essential to getting anything done — a great baptism-by-fire for the open-plan workplace. For two unforgettable summers I worked in the division that included these handicapped children.

I was responsible for 79 people, including campers and staff, and had ample opportunity to test my skills as a leader, diplomat, and one who gets along well with many different types of individuals.

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