Understanding healthcare

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The requirement to have an Out-of-Pocket Max Limit is a new rule for insurance companies. HMO Health Maintenance Organization : An HMO is an organization that requires policyholders to select a primary-care physician PCP and then only receive treatment and care from physicians and specialists within the established provider network.

PPOs cover these visits at a higher rate than visits to in-network providers, whereas EPOs do not cover visits to out-of-network providers at all. Waiting period: Many employer-sponsored insurance plans mandate a period of 90 days before employees can enroll in their insurance plans. Understanding Commercial Health Insurance Understanding Health Insurance Health insurance is one of the most important investments we ever make.

Premium: The amount you pay your insurance company for health coverage each month or year. Deductible: The amount of money you must pay out-of-pocket before coverage kicks in. Take a moment learn how our accounting software will save you valuable time with our simple accounting features. For coverage, open enrollment is November 15 — February

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Understanding Health Care