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Jones, J. Use your materials. Research Strategies Topics When selecting a topic if one is not assigned to you you should start by consulting your textbook.

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Argumentative - These type of essays, also known as persuasive essays, make a specific claim about a topic and then provide evidence and arguments to support the claim. The last sentence in the conclusion paragraph should communicate that your essay has come to and end. Pre-Focus Research Overview Frequently characterized by confusion, uncertainty and doubt, this is often the most difficult part of the research process. Eventually, you will be able to find a focus for your research. Next look for some key terms in the index at the back. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Historians publish their latest research as chapters in edited works, books and in articles in scholarly journals. Microsoft Words have an incredible system for references. Conclude the introduction paragraph with your thesis statement. When comparing thesis statements and how they might be discussed in your essay, ask: What sources do the authors use? Thereby, you need to cite it. Historians will often examine what has previously been written then situate their own methodology method of study and argument within that context. When selecting a topic for your essay, you'll want to make sure your topic supports the type of paper you're expected to write. Finally, in each of these circles write down facts or information that help support the main idea. Now draw three or four lines out from your circle.

If you're expected to produce a paper that is a general overview, then a general topic will suffice. Also, get rid of those topics that are too challenging or that you're just not that interested in.

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Writing Strategies At this stage you are doing more reading than writing, but try to be aware of what you are doing. What I like to say is that they are little thesis.

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And the farther along in school you get, the more complex and demanding the essays will become. Body paragraph 2 Using assignment essays for assessment supports student learning better than the traditional examination system.

Outline The following are useful steps for developing an outline to organize ideas for your essay. Searching the library, whether its print collection using the online catalogue or its online journals can be a challenge if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

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Taking the notes you compiled from lectures and readings, search Oxford Reference Online for information on your topic. Reading effectively will speed up the research phase considerably. Double check it again. Because you haven't reached a focus yet, it's often hard to articulate what it is you're looking for. To explain how to accomplish something? If this an essay to inform, write the major categories into which information will be divided. When comparing thesis statements and how they might be discussed in your essay, ask: What sources do the authors use? Scholars do not always agree and are frequently critical of one another's approach or findings. Read looking for questions rather than just information. The most important thing to look for on these pages when you are just starting a topic are bibliographies. There is an indented long quote in this paragraph. There are a number of encyclopedias you can link to from the library's website. They must be critically analyzed.

If it is not much, go for an easier question or a question about which you already know some stuff form other courses. The topic you choose needs to support the purpose of your essay. Journal of Research in University Education, 9 2 Sankey, J.

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