The sheep pig writing activities

We will also be comparing the book to another Road Dahl book, Matilda. I followed up with the rhyme chart. Project: We have loved learning about the Stone Age! Babe is taken to the sheepdog Trials where he astonishes the judges and spectators by excelling at herding the sheep.

Children cannot visit without their welly boots. We will also continue our science topic, which is forces. Our list of ideas had more than 40 options. English We will look at formal letter writing and its features.

read and respond the sheep pig

Set in rural America, other themes are those of farm life, sheep and, sheepdogs, pigs and sheepdog trials. Sheep shrink. Project: We are now in the Iron Age!

Reading: We will be reading 6 chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After looking at the original version we will improve it adding in fronted abverbials, conjunctions and possessive apostrophes.

the sheep pig writing activities
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The Sheep Pig Guided Reading Plans