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Comer, David J. These programs take many forms. I told her I try to incorporate a rich diversity of experiences for kids into educational settings. These include parenting and home visiting programs designed to improve parenting skills and developmental outcomes for infants and very young children; comprehensive early education programs; interventions for disrupted families; and school-based programs focused on specific goals. Women have been, and continue to be, underrepresented in these fields. Teacher-focused reform Another focus of reform efforts to address the achievement gap has been on teacher development, as research shows teachers to be the most important in-school factor affecting student achievement. When parents don't show up to the parent-teacher conferences, it's not that they don't care - it's that they have other things on their plates. It is likely the result of multiple variables—all of which can have an effect on one another—ranging from social, economic, and educational conditions to inadequate social services and families with exceptionally low human and social capital. Most African American children have positive adult relationships and achieve their basic developmental potential. Similarly, some Hispanic students have difficulty getting help with their homework because there is not an English speaker at home to offer assistance. The ultimate solution to the education gap is the elimination of race and class prejudice and oppression. Underachievement problem is serious and ubiquitous in American education.

Pager, D. Parents must also talk to their kids about the appropriate ways to find academic answers and alert them to unethical behaviors that may seem innocent in their own eyes. American Psychological Association. Special issue.

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Resources for poor school districts[ edit ] Another explanation to address this educational gap is the lack of resources attainable by certain groups of students. Hispanic students showed lower academic achievement, more absences, and more life stressors than their counterparts. Children who score poorly on tests of cognitive skills before starting kindergarten are highly likely to be low performers throughout their school careers. This system has been criticized by some for being unfair toward schools that have the highest population of minority and poor students, as it is harder for these schools to meet the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act, due to insufficient funding from either local, district, or state actors. Long-term change will only happen when these systems reflect a culturally appropriate, asset-based understanding of the children and families they serve. Children with special needs Certainly some children have developmental issues that may require different teaching strategies because of biological differences such as having Down syndrome or because of life experiences such as living with toxic stress or both. As some researchers point out, minority students may feel little motivation to do well in school because they do not believe it will pay off in the form of a better job or upward social mobility. This could be due to many factors, including different types of jobs for males and females.

Misunderstandings often occur in classrooms when teachers use an indirect communicative and teaching style with African-American students. Washington, DC: Brookings.

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In addition, hiring minority teachers must also be a top priority. Switching the reference group for interracial comparison from white to Asian students would not only enlarge the size of relative achievement gaps for blacks and Hispanics, but also weaken the relative importance of family socioeconomic status as an explanatory factor of underachievement; their gaps in academic engagement as well as school learning opportunities become more salient.

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For example, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect may have profound outcomes. Today, I ask my [teacher education] students to think about their own cultures and life experiences as the first step in understanding and relating to the children and families they will encounter in the field.

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Schools must develop anti-cheating policies that include technology and those policies must be updated consistently.

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Achievement Gap in the United States