The development of the rock musical

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Britain followed a different course, almost in the opposite direction, towards simpler and more commercial music. Largely neglected at the time, German rock often referred to as "kosmische musik" was probably twenty years ahead of British rock. This of course mean that people were roaming around listening to music with these which increased the music popularity. Surf music is linked to the surf culture and is found in areas like the southern California. In the meantime, black music was going through a metamorphosis of its own. The Beatles were a very popular band and their sounds and attitudes changed every music that came afterwards. In Britain, in , colour Television was introduced. It all started with the modernist sounds of Ultravox, Wire and XTC, and their vaguely robotic melodies. In Britain, rock music took more of a European feel with the underground movement that was born out of psychedelic clubs. These bands were most popular among the mainstream rock audiences. American Rock and Roll continued to top the charts until

Although the quality was not as good as today, the cable TV made it possible to have several Tv channels instead of just one. Chicago witnessed the birth of Steve Albini's evil genius with the Big Black. In the south this revival movement will lead to the boom of "southern rock" and the likes of the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

A lot of people turned up for both festivals and during December, The Rolling Stones, a British Hard Rock band were on tour and they performed in the festival.

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Marilyn Manson was the late phenomenon that recharged the genre. The main instruments included in Punk music were the guitar and drums along with singing vocals.

The development of the rock musical

That caused folk music to be known. Teenagers tend to have restless mind because they want to search themselves and the society.

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They are the same size as CDs but they store 10 times more. The music corporations recording studios etc. Despite the still-rigid racial segregation of the Fifties, the white and black underclass of music fans and performers was finding more and more common ground. The 45 RPM could take one song on either sides and it was much cheaper and smaller than the 78 rpm record, these were called singles. Here, we knew, was a sonic cataclysm come bursting apparently out of nowhere, with the power to change our lives forever. Invented in the Eighties in Detroit by the triad of disc jockeys Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, techno crossed the Atlantic and established itself in England and in the continent Front , marching hand in hand with the rave scene. Another important invention was the internet were the distribution of music was easier and also computers with recording. This era in Rock music was a very complicated era as Rock music broke into many kinds of rock. San Francisco's bands, led by the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead, endorsed complex harmony and improvised jams, thereby moving rock music towards the intellectual excesses of jazz music. Dance and party music was lost by now. To make rock and roll is also an ideal way to explore intersections of sex, love, violence, and fun, to broadcast the delights and limitations of the regional , and to deal with the depradations and benefits of mass culture itself.

San Francisco, that was becoming the mecca of the hippies, begat "acid-rock", and Los Angeles, whose milieu had produced countless literary and cinematic misfits, begat Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, two of the most influential musicians of the century.

Orchestral arrangements became as ordinary as a guitar solo. Indeed, from the turn of the century to the present, there are mixtures of changes in British society.

The young-working class became the driving force behind musical creation and production.

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The History of Rock Music