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At a different point, when the executives discussed disposing of certain pages of documents, J.

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Following allegations of judicial misconduct, the original trial judge recused himself from the case and a new judge was appointed. The Telegraph, July 18th, Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions EEOC which is a federal agency that administers and enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination and also by working with the firm attorneys.

If not, they would not get the bonus.

This type of public relations and public affairs crisis management will not be enough. Lundwall was the senior coordinator of personnel services in Texaco's finance department. Senior executives with Texaco Inc.

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The Texaco tapes offer an unfiltered, and perhaps unprecedented, glimpse into one company's senior levels, where important decisions -- including promotion policies for minority employees -- are made. This temporary restraining order was extended in March and later appealed by the plaintiffs.

On 4 April , the Canadian Supreme Court rejected the request to review the lower court decision. However when it comes to Environmental ethics, we all have different point of views. The complaint alleged that decisions by Chevron and its high ranking officers to pollute the rainforest, and subsequently to evade remediation, constituted a crime against humanity. The lawsuit was a class action, race discrimination suit brought on behalf of salaried black employees of Texaco. Keough said. Flight operators should have done their own research about conflict areas more actively and share their relevant information on threats with each other. Prior to the fifteen months, he presented little to no symptoms Those tapes, which were provided to the plaintiffs in the discrimination suit by the executive who recorded the conversations, are now at the center of the court proceedings. I have had my car tires slashed and racial slurs written about me on bathroom walls. The inclusion of women and minorities in the human resources committee would be a major step in enforcing new corporate diversity plans. Comments from Caucasian managers were "I never thought I'd see the day when a black woman had an office at Texaco" Trevino, Five percent of the bonus structure was based on meeting diversity targets. When minority employees would file a grievance they would not be addressed and no one would follow through.
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RW ONLINE:Texaco: Case Study of Corporate Racism