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Individuals Shirking Their Duties Since team members share responsibility for outcomes, some individuals may need to do additional work to make up for those not contributing their share of effort.

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Do you give honest opinions? It is frequently the case that team members have other work commitments outside the team. And it's not always the loud, busy activities that people recall as their favorites--sometimes it's the quiet ones that have the most significant impact.

It is also possible, and productive, to regard the group as a psychological entity in its own right. However, although this analogy is productive, it also has its limits. Which role s do you play?

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In a team, the evaluator measures effectiveness by looking at what the team has done collectively. Just as a group reinforces certain aspects of a particular view of reality, so too is it likely to reward certain types of behaviour and emotional expression whilst disapproving of others.

A sense of mutual trust develops only to the extent that everyone is willing to self-disclose and be honest yet respectful. References for Reading 1 Adair, J. Lack of Trust Effective collaboration requires team members to have confidence that everyone shares a set of goals.

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Differences Between Group Work & Team Work