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Here is the simple graph of 4Ps model. On the other hand, sales promotions in the form of special deals and discounts are used to attract more consumers to Walmart stores and websites.

walmart marketing mix

This is an example of competitor pricing strategy. He is a lecturer in Management and Marketing. Walmart makes use of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and other methods to take its messages to the target audience.

Walmart positioning strategy

In keeping its marketing mix, Walmart Inc. About Walmart: Walmart is the leading Multinational retail corporation founded in , and incorporated in , it is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Real Wal-Mart Effect. SWOT analysis is a commercial strategy and tool used for decision making purposes, which gives a company the necessary Walmart uses the intensive distribution strategy or intensive distribution channel design for this marketing mix element. Besides having stores in the US, Walmart has also expanded its market worldwide. Walmart reaches out to close to million customers. Weaknesses are the disadvantage a company has relative to the competitors. SWOT tell about company overall situation 2. Wal-Mart's competitive advantage

The rush of a longboat ride up the Mekong to Laos. Most of the supercenters offer 24 hours a day service.

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According to a number of sources, this site sees up to million unique visitors a month. In this marketing mix element, the company applies personal selling in its stores, where sales personnel persuade customers to try new products or package deals.

The company is a family business because it is mainly controlled by the Walton family.

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It has various types of stores that include Walmart discount stores, Walmart super centers, Walmart neighborhood markets, Walmart express stores. It includes indicating the destination of the business wander or venture and recognizing the inward and outer calculates that are positive and unfavorable to accomplishing that target.

In addition, Walmart uses market-oriented pricing as a strategy for many of its products, such as house-branded goods, as well as media content available from the movie-streaming subsidiary, Vudu.

Discount stores offer a variety of quality and value-priced general merchandise, while supercenters offer full grocery lines and general merchandise.

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Walmart Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy