Sosc 1000

Upon marking, your TA should provide you with additional feedback, which you must incorporate in your final essay. The second assignment was the rough draft of the essay when you had to have the introduction, conclusion and one body paragraph, as well as the framework for the other two paragraphs.

Follow instructions as given. Course breakdown here.

Sosc 1430

The easiest social science course ever.. Follow instructions as given. He would give you 8 options for short answer of which you only had to answer 4, and three for long answer of which you only chose one. Trust me. There were weekly readings often 2 or three a week and word summaries per reading, a book report, an essay, an exam in the first semester and an exam in the second which thankfully was cancelled due to the strike. The best part is that you work on producing one good final university essay throughout the year, on a health controversy topic of your choice it could be pretty much anything that is debatable! Learned a lot. The tests are essay based. While i liked the subject matter, the sheer amount of homework was too much for me, as i was taking 36 credits that year year long course. They may ask you, for instance, to list 4 ways in which the food industry deceives consumers, and then list 6 ways consumers are affected. If you decide to take it get Penny as a TA. Okay, for the assignment portion: there are four assignments throughout the year. Bickford is great! If you just follow what your TA tells you to do, and have done a reasonably good job with grammar and structuring, you can do very well! Great prof.

Course Breakdown… you do a discussion paper on one of the selected books and why it interests you, your midterm and the final, and in February after reading week, there is a book review due as a continuation off of the discussion paper.

No mandatory readings. My experience was harder. Seriously I love that prof! I loved sexuality, gender and society!

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This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds! The midterm and final are easy, and you work on 1 assignment the whole year.

Sosc 2102

The prof was strict. The midterm and final were easy, basically discussing issues around colonialism, globalization, inequalities between the Global North and South and the importance of Human Rights! The final exam was an essay in class.. I hope you like the lectures as much as I have, if you decide to take this course. The final essay as an exam. Provides a great, new perspective for sheltered students. Write 2 essays for the entire year based on topics discussed in class. There are two term tests, at the last class week 12 of both the fall and winter terms, out of Amazing course. Attend weekly tutorials, receive attendance, and you have them free! Hope you get Adrienne Shnier as your TA. My experience was harder.

If Jon Johnson is teaching that, go for it! In the fall term, you are introduced to health controversies, and the general conflict that arises between different stakeholders e.

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