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Probably the most absorbing part of Memoir is Kuok's account of his sugar trading in the London market, where he made a fortune. A little pricey at RM, but it was all worth it.

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His mother had always stressed the importance of remembering their roots. He grew up speaking his parents' Chinese Fuzhou dialect, English and Japanese during Japan's wartime occupation of Malaya.

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Feb 12, Nazri Awang rated it it was amazing I was looking for this book for quite a long time. I'm just saying that there must be some recognition that the key was given to them by the Barisan government. Chief among them was his brother, William, who joined the Malayan Communist Party and fought in the guerilla war against the British. One thing I admire the most is, other than his believing in hard work, he is humble and he never brags. A little pricey at RM, but it was all worth it. Most importantly, I want to move forward. Another brother, William, was a member of the Malayan Communist Party and was killed during the Malayan Emergency in My own life may turn out very differently, with different times, events and conditions and a different ending compared to these men and women, but gosh, does it feel good to read about and "experience" another's path once in a while. His first foray into Hong Kong property was in , when he acquired a plot of land on the newly reclaimed Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront, where he built his second hotel, the Kowloon Shangri-La. The sales resulted in a one-off gain for the company.

The ruling party Umno has been swift in its response. In Kuok's case, the state first sought him out.

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After the war, he took the skills he learned from the occupying force to the family's business in Johor. Certainly, the times that Kuok lived through were exceptional: British decolonisation, an expanding Japanese economic presence, the economic transformation of South-East Asia, and the rise of China - and he grasped all the opportunities offered.

Trading in sugar and flour, which faced little local competition, enabled him to create immense wealth and a reputation that allowed him subsequently to enter into more competitive service sectors like hotels.

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