Principles of natural justice

Inthe Court ruled in Baker v.

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This applies equally to any domestic enquiry. When children say that they are usually referring to what they consider to be unfair about a process they have been involved in such as a decision on a disciplinary issue or how other children have been treated in comparison with the treatment they have experienced.

Held The SC held that though the impoundment of the passport was an administrative action yet the rule of fair hearing is attracted by the necessary implication and it would not be fair to exclude the application of this cardinal rule on the ground of administrative convenience.

State of Haryana8 Issue Whether the selection of candidate would vitiate for bias if close relative of a members of the Public Service Commission is appearing for selection?

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Many statutes do, however, spell out procedures that must be followed when making decisions; for example, the statute might stipulate who is entitled to notice, when notice should be given and in what form, what kind of hearing is to be given, and how much time is allowed for a person to respond.

Similarly all the very basic concepts and reasons are not described and discussed in detail. Natural justice is identified with the two constituents of a fair hearing, [3] which are the rule against bias nemo iudex in causa suaor "no man a judge in his own cause"and the right to a fair hearing audi alteram partemor "hear the other side".

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Where pre-decisional hearing is dispensed with, there must be a provision for post-decisional remedial hearing.

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What is natural justice? definition and meaning