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Multicultural Health and Support Service MHSS is one of the health promotion programs that aims to prevent human immunodeficiency virus HIV infections, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections STIs in refugee and migrant communities, as Social disadvantages such as unemployment and lack of education, geographical disadvantages such as difficult terrain and distance from health services, and even simple factors such as race, age, gender and language can all create inequality between community groups McMurray,p.

Comprehensive PHC is not just curative, it is also about promoting a healthy lifestyle, preventing the spread of disease and rehabilitation when needed Alperstein, Participatory action research in health care. These can include primary care and include follow up activities for promoting the health of the community and to protecting the community members from harm, and or preventing illness or injury.

Aboriginal Health Information Bulletin. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. To explore Primary Health Care and Health Promotion and its value within the health care system, one must first distinguish what health is. In Alma Ata declaration was signed by the members of world health organisation WHOto ensure that everyone gets access to good primary health care.

The ICN code of ethics for nurses. Interdisciplinary teams are especially a problem in rural areas where specialised skills are scarce Alperstein, 29 — therefore, to ensure equal healthcare, we must make an attempt at equal distribution of skills throughout different communities.

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This assignment has allowed for a lot of reflection on my part and I see now that I have not taken the varying situations of all of the different people of our country into consideration. This is especially important for countries that are struggling to provide appropriate health care due to limited funds and resources Alperstein,

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