Old spice ad analysis

Finally, they tried to associate the product with wealth, luxury, classiness, and manliness, even if it is in a way of humor and sarcasm. They need to make sure that people are not so distracted by the sexual appeal of the ad that they do not remember what the ad was for in the first place.

There is something to think about, in its cross between high production and soundstage setup.

old spice print ad analysis

Coincidentally, looking at the commercial from this angle is the same as looking at it with from a dramatistic perspective perspective that helps us determine the underlying motives for breaking various rules on how we ought to or not ought to live.

This is because red is the color of attraction.

Old spice original advert

Old Spice, 4 Feb. They need to make sure that people are not so distracted by the sexual appeal of the ad that they do not remember what the ad was for in the first place. By establishing a connection to the women by off the back addressing them directly and continuously asking them to participate by looking certain ways and at certain things, the women feel in the moment. The tickets then turn into diamonds, and finally then ad ends with Mustafa sitting shirtless on a white stallion on a tropical beach. That depends on which audience we are talking about. In our society, an extremely smart and effective way of selling a product designed for men is to appeal to women. He asks the women watching to look at their man. The commercial then continues with rapidly shifting scenes that show Mustafa in romantic fantasy—? Bookmark the permalink. Just 24 hours after the airing of Superbowl XLIV, Old Spice made the clever move to air the first Ad of their campaign, causing Superbwl impact without actually spending the millions of dollars to have it aired during the actual game. Due to its successful advertisements, Unilever AXE recently became the winner of the Global Marketing marketingsociety. Advertising uses sexual images to encourage this consumption. What affect does this have on the audience, then? In the eyes of a woman, this scenario is dream-like. Obviously, the commercial is trying to sell me Old Spice body wash.

The Old Spice advertisements capture men by reaching out to the needs of women, giving the ideal image of what a man should be and how he should smell, and by creating a sexual theme that attracts attention. Whether they are on TV, radio, or in a magazine, there is no way that we can escape them.

The Old Spice design tries to go with a classic, authentic look. The audience learns to trust both Mustafa and the Old Spice brand because neither take themselves seriously.

He is tall, dark, and handsome, with an exceptionally toned physique.

Old spice body wash commercial

The women represented in these ads are all beautiful and physically well endowed. Isaiah is physically attractive and showcases the definition of traditional masculinity, with features such as defined abs and muscles, broad shoulders, and a rugged, bearded face. First of all, the commercial is telling us that we need their body wash because any other product will make us smell like a lady, and therefore, unmanly. It wants to appeal to a variety of ages. A sexually themed commercial can appeal to both men and women, and is sure to attract attention. But after sometime, the need to reposition the brand was felt. Advertisers not only use sexual appeals to attract attention to their ads, but to position their brands as sexual and to suggest that sex-related benefits can ensue to the brand purchasers. Old Spice distinguished itself through this campaign by branding the company in such a way that made it slightly cheeky, manly, and overall funny. By using a male role model such as Isaiah and developing ethos, the advertisement causes men to sincerely believe that Old Spice makes them manlier, which consequently motivates them purchase the product.
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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft: Old Spice