Microfinance thesis uganda

It will also assist the credit officers of MFIs to advise the potential borrowers of how and where to invest in order to benefit from the loans and also reduce on the failure rate that creates bad debts to MFIs.

Factors affecting microfinance institutions

The first of these is the area of definition. The study generated both qualitative and quantitative data. The marketing department should endeavor to research on the clients' desired options and be able to include the probable and realistic ones onto the list. Summary and conclusions present the most imperative issues found out in the study while recommendations are suggested mainly for enhancing the performance of microfinance institutions in Uganda. The result therefore suggests that funding does not significantly affect the performance of Hofokam. A sample of the staff members and the board was selected to represent each of those categories in the study. Finally and most important, I would like to thank the Almighty for the divine intervention that saw me through the many ups and downs since I started my life and particularly during this course.

The challenge therefore is to evaluate and ascertain whether these MFIs have created a positive or negative impact to the economic activities of the population through the creation of accessible sources of funding to the small scale businesses as well as individuals at less stringent conditions.

Most financial service providers eventually outgrow the facilities they start with.

Challenges affecting microfinance institutions

They act as a conduit through which raw data becomes useful and usable information which enables successful management of a microfinance Institution. Secondary Data This data was obtained from published materials, which included journals, textbooks magazines, internal reports and newspapers. Cheston, Susy and Larry Reed. I also dedicate it to my dear brothers and sisters, Peter, Theresa, Joseph, Ann Mary and Margaret, who have kept my morale up in pursuit of this course. It was a close call as only Microfinance had now turned into an industry according to Robinson This was critical as a good level of response rate strengthens the validity of the study. Microfinance is not simply banking; it is a development tool Legderwood, The more numbers of the target population that an MFI serves, the higher the rate of success it is deemed to have achieved. The following are some of the indicators of growth in economic activities that can be enjoyed by beneficiaries of MFIs: - Consumption and Asset Development can used as a measure of growth in economic activity. Data collection methods To improve data reliability, the researcher used triangulation i.

From the questionnaire results, it was reported by Management Information Systems have enabled growth and transformation of operations of Microfinance Institutions Water and Ramsing, To the academics, the researcher hoped that they would be in position to know and appreciate the context of the microfinance sector.

The study took the form of a survey, getting information about the factors affecting the performance of microfinance institutions with Hofokam Limited being the case study. The findings relating to indicators of growth in economic activities are as summarized in Table 4. They have the potential to grow their savings and investment and consequently support themselves, the company and the economy at large.

factors affecting financial sustainability of microfinance institutions

Pearson linear correlation coefficient was adopted to examine relationship between credit risk management techniques and financial performance. The study adopted a case study design, where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used.

Microfinance thesis uganda

The outcomes of this question arose from the work places of the clients and were centered around the reasons as highlighted in the Table 4.

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