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It involves the study of the relationship of social workers with their clients; individuals, groups or communities on various levels of interaction or therapy as well as their natural relationships and functioning within the organizational structure of social agencies. Faculty Scholarship Books: Hunter, C.

The desire for, and the ideal of, the unproblematic collaboration entails the risk that research, education and practice will become toothless — they will, to put it bluntly, risk falling to the lowest common denominator.

Next stage in the process is to introduce intervention. Book chapters: Hunter, C. This iterative process is represented by the spiral movement of the process.

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It is important here to note that only a single, coherent intervention be applied during any intervention phase. The diagram below illustrates the way in which posing a research question in practice research is followed by taking in and understanding the kinds of problems with which practice deals.

Social work research helps to find ways and means to enhance social functioning at the individual, group, community and societal levels. EdsSocial work field directors: Foundations for excellence.

From the perspective of approach B researchers, approach A researchers are unable to move from mode 1 towards mode 2. A group worker wishes to assess the extent to which the technique of role play is more or less effective than group discussion in increasing knowledge of drug abuse among school going children.

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Larking, R. One problem in the definition of practice research in approach B seems to be that traditional research resembles old-fashioned social or natural science. Practice and practitioner research can involve users or can be conducted without them, but it is important to have the discussion and to make a decision concerning user involvement in the research process in all research initiatives. Social Work in Public Health, 30 7 , Meyers, G. In performing research in social work it is not necessary to establish a partnership between research and practice — as emphasized in the definition of practice research above. Utilization of substance abuse treatment: Gender differences among participants in an aftercare program. In addition, it also helps in searching for answers to problems or difficulties faced by social work practitioners in the practice of their profession. The areas of social work research may be broadly categorized as follows: 5 1 Studies to establish, identify and measure the need for service.
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Social Work Research