Mastering prezi for business presentation

Mastering prezi for business presentation

Unless your Prezi is titled "Look how bad clip art is! A lot of your audience may have a very auditory learning style, and so it's important we try and factor this into our Prezi designs as well. The pop-up box that appears will allow you to create a vector trace of your raster image. Sure we can stimulate the audience visually to help them understand our message, but a lot of thought also needs to be given as to what they hear. This obviously takes time. There are many other useful tools within the software that will really make you into a master of creating imagery for Prezi. Well guess what, you can! Make sure the embed option is selected on the next screen and click on OK. The quick way If you really don't have the time to go through the preceding steps every time you need to create a vector image, then follow the next set of steps. In Chapter 2, Using Audio, we'll address the use of audio in Prezi and also highlight some of the software's current limitations in this area. Our guess is you probably got so excited at the end of step 3 that you've already done it, but just in case you need the instructions to complete this process, keep reading further. You know the same old business talk we've heard a million times before! If you still want your images completely free, then www.

Vector Magic will then perform a trace for you and compare the raster and vector image onscreen. In this chapter, you'll learn how to add sound to your Prezi files, and become aware of some important points to think about when in the design stage.

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Now for the fun bit! Other online sources for imagery If getting that perfect image in your Prezi is important to you as it should bethen there are other sources you may want to turn to other than Google images.

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Use Inkscape or Vector Magic to trace the image and create a vector version. Once you are happy with the trace, click on the new vector and move it to one side. This works the same as the Prezi pre-license option and lowers the risk of you inserting copyrighted imagery. Before you fully insert it into your Prezi, move over to the left of the Prezi screen and use the zoom button to take a closer look at the image. You know exactly what you want to say, and if you could just find the right image to accompany your words, then your whole presentation will have a much bigger impact on its audience. You might be sitting at your desk now thinking "That's amazing, but will I have time to do this for 20 images? Well guess what, you can! With this in mind, it's crucial that you decide just how much time you're going to spend on imagery when you also need to consider other important factors, and probably juggle other projects. Vector images do not look like real life photographs, and this can sometimes be a distraction to anyone viewing your Prezi. Grab a pen While we can't teach you how to be a world class illustrator in this chapter, we do hope to give you enough confidence to at least have a go at this. The file also has a dimension of x pixels. The From web feature allows you to run a Google image search by entering a keyword or phrase into the search panel. When vectorised and inserted into Prezi illustrations look great, and the fact that they are your own work gives your Prezi a much more human touch.

You don't need to buy any expensive software to do this, or have a degree in graphic design. Try and use your company's corporate color if you can.

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You don't want to be paying a monthly subscription unless you're a designer and need tons of images regularly. The web has hundreds of online image libraries just waiting to be tapped into.

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What would be perfect is an image of a giant machine with the company name on it, but can you find a decent enough raster image in time?

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Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations