Literature review on employee retention in private sector

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Strategies for retaining employees and minimizing turnover. Delegation: Many team leaders and managers feel that they are the only people who can do a particular task or job. Hire candidates who are actually suitable for the job.

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Managing transitionsMaking the most of change. Rediscovering the role of purpose in work is key to understanding the new work and the motivation of todays employees. Recognition for a job well done fills the employees' need to receive positive, honest feedback for their efforts. In some companies, bonuses range from 25 percent to 50 percent of annual salary, depending on position, tenure and other factors. An employer's guide to older workers: How to win them back and convince them to stay. Consider allowing anonymous surveys occasionally so employees will be more honest and candid with their opinions. Retaining employees is a difficult task.

Employers also feel that the immediate supervisors are the most authenticated and trusted source of information for them. Research and human resource practices provide us with a number of recommendations to increase employee retention.

Upon conducting an interview, seek out traits, such as loyalty.

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Formal recognition program can be used with success. The findings of this research proved that the components identified and the structural relations presented as regards the component, retention management strategies at EEPL and MBPL were suitable.

Exit interviews are an ideal way of recording and analyzing the factors that have led employees to leave the organization.

Recognition for a job well done fills the employees' need to receive positive, honest feedback for their efforts. Communication is the solution to almost everything in this world.

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Business and Health. Cash is a welcome motivator and reward for improving performance, whether at formal meetings or on the spot.

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The employer and employee, aware of their risks and rights, could achieve a lot in Their mutually beneficial dialogue. We have compared the findings to our chosen theory, which consist of four categories: the hiring process, in-ternal labor market and career, motivation and. Research methods: A realistic approach. This trust leads to employee loyalty and finally retention. Same applies to employee retention also. Setting wrong expectations or hiding expectations will result in early leaving of employees. Employers can no longer promise job security, but they can help people maintain the skills they need to remain viable in the job market Moses, The first section collected information such as age, sex, experience, professional status, marital status and position. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books. Goodbye training, hello learning.

Encoding and decoding also helps in the security of the message.

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Employee Retention in Private Sector Project Report