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Evidence to date suggests that older adults respond well to cognitive-behavioral or psychoeducational intervention programs that teach specific skills in coping with life events and chronic strains, and that research on life events provides valuable information for clinicians designing and implementing such intervention programs.

A life-long experience of dealing with stress may provide a context to understand an individual's response to certain events. Although some of the qualifying life events seem straightforward, there are important factors about these qualifying life events that make them qualify you for special enrollment.

Life event

Conceptual sophistication about aging and the life course is evident in the attention that has been paid to the different occurrence of, and reactions to, life events in later life.

Chiriboga, D.

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This scale includes fifty-four life events, selected on the basis of a large, stratified sample of older Kentuckians, and a recall period of six months in order to ensure greater accuracy of older adults' recall. Along with prior experience, current life situations also provide an important context for interpreting individual differences in the impacts of life events.

Confounding is a particularly important issue in the examination of life events. In contrast, some researchers have suggested that chronic strains may actually mute the impact of stressful events because minor stressful events pale in comparison to more chronic stressors.

Of course, some other types of life events, such as family conflict and problems with jobs, are less prevalent in older adults. Some studies have selected only healthy elderly individuals in examining the impacts of life events in order to exclude confounding of health variables see Willis, Thomas, Garry, and Goodwin.

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What is a Qualifying Life Event?