Lectin agglutination

what foods are the highest in lectins?

Renkonen K. The first lectin to be purified on a large scale and available on a commercial basis was concanavalin A, which is now the most-used lectin for characterization and purification of sugar-containing molecules and cellular structures.

Lectins to avoid

Mechanisms and assessment of lectin-mediated mitogenesis. Binding of the insecticidal lectin Concanavalin A in pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris and induced effects on the structure of mid-gut epithelial cells. Naturally Occurring Food Toxins. CrossRef Google Scholar Gastroinstestinal Target Drug Develop. Amsterdam pp. Sathe M. North-Holland Publi. Out of 25 non-specific haemagglutinins 16 lectins did not show any difference in titre value. In neuroscience, the anterograde labeling method is used to trace the path of efferent axons with PHA-L , a lectin from the kidney bean. In vivo responses of rat intestinal epithelium to intraluminal dietary lectins. Rocca JD. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Journal of Animal Science. A lectin from coconut milk is used to identify Theros antigen.

Histochemical Journal. PubMed Google Scholar Lectins are known to play important roles in the innate immune system. Bhalla V. Section D, Vol.

Because some lectins can be harmful if poorly cooked or consumed in great quantities, "lectin-free" fad diets have been proposed, most based on the writing of Steven Gundry. A typical lectin-free diet excludes a range of foods, including most grains, pulses, and legumes, as well as eggs, seafood, and many staple fruits and vegetables.

Cancer Res. Dietary kidney bean lectin-induces hyperplasia and increases polyamine content of the small intestine.

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Plant Protoplast Agglutination by Lectins