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I usually lose. Title Pages. It very much became the movie we shot. Highland 2: Intuitive Screenwriting Software for Professionals Shares Screenwriting software can't make you a better writer, but it can make you a more efficient one. The software continually has updates for useful tools and modes, because it listens to what writers need on set, in real life, and for day to day work. The highest compliment I can pay this program is that it gets out of my way. That lovable little kid What is Highland 2? It just intuits which elements are which. Inspired by a live-action short film a young Burton had made at Disney in , Frankenweenie is a dark, but playful tale in which children discover how to make their dead pets come back to life. There's a template for scripts, novels, outlines, and much more.

This is what it looked like: The initial betas had no editing view, because we assumed users would write and edit Fountain using any of the excellent plain-text editors available.

Justin Marks wrote me to say he was doing his latest feature largely in Highland, in part because it made working with lyrics so much easier.

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Characters, Parentheticals and Dialogue indent as you type. This is a Fountain issue as much as anything, but creating a title page in Highland is frustratingly hit-or-miss.

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SC: What led you to create Highland screenwriting software? With Highland 2.

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One thing that's always helped me is thinking about the writing process like a search for buried treasure. The site now has over 1, posts. August had written to Dahl as part of a third grade class project, and received a postcard reply. You never have to tell it how to format something. It just intuits which elements are which. Mostly because I love a good treasure hunt movie. With one click, Highland turns your words into a perfectly-formatted document ready to print or export. When things break — and they do — we fix them fast. I had my own dog who was sitting at my feet as I was writing it, and I could see the whole story from his perspective. JA: My own site, johnaugust. So you are picking every word incredibly carefully, but ultimately you know that no one is going to see your plan necessarily in the finished product. Screenplays end up being a very collaborative process. Writing a book, the book is the book.

A great place to store information and instructions for a writing partner or an editor. So, to be a person who hopefully can certainly get you to an emotional place, that would be a terrific thing. When you want to see the layout, quickly toggle between your text and a preview of the finished document.

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That text had all the information we needed to build a proper screenplay.

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Interview with Screenwriter John August