How to write a good meta tag title

Oh, and you only have characters. I say influence because you can never guarantee that search engines will use your description or choose the introduction from your page. Meta data optimisation So how do you make sure your title tags and meta description continue to work well?

Writing optimised and effective meta tags is a tough gig! What is a title tag? Have a question about how to write great meta descriptions?

Your title tag should emphasize the value your page provides to them. Share this article.

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When your web page does show up in search engines, a lot of people will decide whether or not to click based on your title tag. Moz provides this handy reference: Primary Keyword — Secondary Keyword Brand Name However one thing you must remember: write title tags for humans.

And most importantly of all, your title tag will show up as the big blue link in search engine results: Where do I add the title tag?

Meta title and description

Then, SWL promises that their stickers solve that problem. Juggling it all in a title tag of 50 characters and a description tag of characters is a big ask. How to write meta tags that do more than just get you found July 25, by Belinda Weaver 10 Comments SEO copywriting can be a tricky line to walk. And as I just stated above, the most important keyword should be at the beginning, followed by second most important, then finally your brand name. My advice? It shows up in blue, in bigger font than everything else, and is hyperlinked back to your website. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the art of writing meta descriptions. But The Verge nails it with this succinct and descriptive tag. There are limited spaces available. Like on your own sites, it's also important to us to keep testing, improving, trying out new things to see what works best for users on our pages. Every page on your website should answer a question or provide valuable information someone will be searching for.

My advice? This is how it looks in the search engine results: And this is how it appears when the page is shared on external sites, including social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: The meta description The description tag is intended to be a short summary of the content found on the web page.

how to write a good meta tag title

Go to top 15 great meta description examples to inspire you Since you only have characters to work with, writing a great meta description takes more than just throwing a few words together.

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How to write meta tags that do more than just get you found