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Call your local butcher, fish shop, or baker beforehand to see how much time in advance you have to place an order for a given party size. I keep an entertaining diary logging who came, what I served, where I found the recipes and how I set the table, buffet, etc.

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Growing up in a household with dinner parties once a week — sometimes even more often! I would serve a Chianti or a Pinot Noir with this meal, but if you want to start or end the night with something fun, serve Prosecco Floats.

Traditional styles create a refined ambience; a colorful mix will create a more lighthearted one. If you can prepare a sizable portion of the meal prior to the evening of, it will free up time to focus on other elements of the party like, say, creating the perfect playlist.

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Next, consider your budget. Will guests sitting around a table or on chairs and couches — or standing? I like to have some snacks and wine out when guests arrive this both makes them happy and buys me time to finish cooking. Appetizer: Cheesy Mushroom Dip — This dip is made with chopped mushrooms and cheese and seasoned with fresh herbs. Intimate or packed with new acquaintances? Throw together some simple salads and grill meat or fish. Or, make Italian Croquettes filled with prosciutto and parmesan. Keep the number of recipes that involve last-minute preparation to a minimum unless you have lots of help getting everything on the table. My goal is to ensure everyone is having a good time, and the best way to do that is to make sure that I have a good time, too. For the sake of your time and sanity , if your main dish takes hours to make, keep the side dishes simple. A dinner party is a great way to acquaint new people, but trusty friends and conversationalists are indispensable.

Throw together some simple salads and grill meat or fish. It also creates a topic of conversation. If you're making the main course, supplement the rest of the meal with a few carefully chosen store-bought items.

Dinner Party Tips and Tricks: Before we get into the dinner party menus, I wanted to start with some tips and tricks for dinner party success. It is a complete meal — no need to make side dishes.

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Among guests, shared interests, professional fields or a sense of humor will also help.

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