Grading system is better than marks

In early times, simple marking procedure was used by educators. Grades without knowledge is like a batsman going to a cricket field without a bat to play a cricket match.

Marks are too misleading!

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You can apply to precisely six schools, including either Oxford or Cambridge, but not both. Where does that leave us?

Marking and grading in education

We take a diversity of approaches for granted. I sound irrelevant to the topic though? So students who made no mistakes and those who made a few, all will stand equally at one grade. Infact those who score aren't counted the same as others and those who score a little less than them are motivated to score even better! And, weirdly, many objections are mirror images of one another. They are, 1. Leads to a better rendezvous of ideas: Classes or the courses that are often taught in a classroom medium within the confined premises of a school are highly difficult and are taken in the ultimate sense as getting a pass or a fail on a subject. CrazyKupKakes IF-Sizzlerz Posted: TZ What i feel is grading system is much better than marks because in marking system students run behind each and every mark and in this race they forget learning and they aim at only scoring. Many teachers allow you to raise your score with corrections or retakes. I often find myself objecting to the quirks of how British exams are scored. How do they ever find time to learn? Edited by K.

Tough to argue in favor of any one system. So, is the Grading System a Better One?

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As the graph below shows how teachers used technologies in the classroom. Thus a teacher will not be able to know which person needs more special attention than the other. This type of grading is very difficult and take along time in calculating the grad of each student. It takes no effort. Granted that, by the next academic year, mobile devices will be available for 1-to-1 computing for half the K student and teacher population in the United States, according to Futuresource Consulting Ltd. And those who want to score higher can divide the effort per task and achieve the overall targeted grade easily. Hence there is a lot of contradiction on this topic , that's why I found it quite interesting Do share your views on both sides! But now, a proper grading system is followed by every educational institute. Yes, the British tests are imperfect. The point is that the student does not need to toil them to achieve the necessary minimum. It is not just a solitary examination forced method. Why can't we get into decimals? The A grade speaks a lot about our calibre than a D or an F. Advantages According to many teachers and students, grading system is a good initiative and providing valuable advantages such as: Reduced score pressure: The grading system has reduced the scoring pressure of students.

So students who made no mistakes and those who made a few, all will stand equally at one grade. A listing of practical feedback methods for both coursework and exams 3. America is different. Students value their marks and work even harder. No matter if a paper was excellent, or if it required some improvements, we were always encouraged to speak highly and only to build each other up rather than to crash each other down.

We know what they denote. How can such different systems give equally valid results?

Effects of grading system on students

Neither system is perfect. Where is that defined? Other Areas of Consideration: The fact that a student scores a centum without any mistakes and a student who scores 90 replete with several mistakes grouped together can make the centum holder get de-motivated. Yes, the British tests are imperfect. How do you ensure fairness across the system? This will dampen the spirits of the hard worker to get mediocre grades itself, as he or she will know that irrespective of the grades, they are going to be placed in the cream students section only. As for the American system: yes, Brits, some teachers are arbitrary, inconsistent graders. This type of grading is very difficult and take along time in calculating the grad of each student. Both have their own merits and demerits I suppose. So students who made no mistakes and those who made a few, all will stand equally at one grade. Suppose if a student knows that getting a D is enough to scrape through the class assignments section in the marking division, he or she will only focus on getting a D without any fuss. Not an accurate representation of the performance and the knowledge gained: As we have said already, passing in an examination cannot be considered as plausible enough to declare that the same student has gained an immense amount of knowledge by these exams. Because in grading system students will be in a for example. Advanced Grading Pattern: The grading system is based on an advanced marking pattern.

Earlier the marks that were obtained in the exams are the only indicator of whether a child is studying or not.

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Do you believe the marking system (yes) or the grading system (no) is better?