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The Han Dynasty rulers modified some of the harsher aspects of the previous dynasty; Confucian ideals of government were adopted as the creed of the Han Empire. As the Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, officials tried to eliminate it. Non-Chinese states were allowed to remain autonomous in exchange for symbolic acceptance of Han overlordship.

The Roman Republic was controlled by the roar Rome. The collapse of the Han Dynasty made a huge impact in history To centralize the power and society, Empires are shaped by people believing in a common virtue and moral identity to unite others to have a sense of cultural superiority The next ruler, Darius, unified the Persian Empire by building a network… Words - Pages 11 Han vs Roman Essay Katherine Lee Period 1 Both the Roman's and Han Chinese had an appreciation for technological advancements, despite the difference in areas where the technological attention was focused on.

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The fall of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire are different because the Han fell to revolts whereas it was not a major cause in the fall in the Roman Empire. This was a stepping stone towards Feudalism in Medieval Europe. The Roman and Chinese Empires were established like any other civilization, but rose to power through proper governing of the people. The Empire reached its zenith under the rule of Emperor Trajan. The citizens gave their farmland to their lords and agreed to work the land in exchange for safety and security. The Han Dynasty was one of many dynasties in ancient China and it was able to change the outlook on society because of its radical and novel ideology based on Confucianism The Han dynasty as well as the Roman Empire both developed during the classical era, circa B. The Chinese used their military to stop these revolts but soon needed more soldiers. Han Dynasty Bethany Corl HIEU B11 September 29, Compare and Contrast Essay The Roman and Han empires flourished in culture, wealth, and technological advances at their pinnacle, leading not to future stability, but to greed, corruption, and ultimately their downfall. In order to be a successful state, they must have support from their people and must rule in a way that allows them to gain that support.

They created laws banning Christianity with the consequence being the cruel punishments or death. Civilizations undulated in historic times more frequently than waves in an ocean; however, most of them are forgotten to this day because of their insignificant impact.

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In times of the Han dynasty, the use of technology was a positive when the tools helped the workers efficiently, however during the Roman empire tools were seen as a positive when the technology glorified the society, but if the lower class were to use the technology tools the Romans did not agree with it. The collapse of the Qin Dynasty BCE , which was the first great land-based empire in East Asia, came after a period of war, confusion, and tyrannical rule. However, decline in trade affected Rome more than Han China. The Han Dynasty had many revolts; an example is the Yellow Turban Revolt, caused by frustration in the government. An ambitious Athens took control of a naval empire in the Aegean. They later became so successful that they emulated one another in different fields of culture. Another problem was their lack of authority to the Han government, which caused the economic problem. The Roman and Chinese Empires were established like any other civilization, but rose to power through proper governing of the people. The Han government forced many farmers and others to fight, generating a larger group of angry citizens and producing reluctant warriors. After it was split into the Byzantine Empire and the Western Roman Empire, which quickly sank into anarchy because of the barbarian invaders from the north and east.

Both were characterized by imperial dynasties that were headed by the emperors and they held large territories. Both the Roman and Han Empires experienced social unrest during their collapse.

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They seized control of local neighborhoods and farmland, forcing peasants to toil laboriously and provide to be their own army also beginning a form of Feudalism.

They both prospered and united their countries. He then expanded Persia's territory westward by conquering Lydia and Babylonia and eastward by conquering territories as far as the Indus River.

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