Earthquake 2005

Earthquake 2005

The basic infrastructure, including tertiary care, health, education, road networks, water supply, waste management and other basic needs, was still underdeveloped and had not reached pre-earthquake status in the region. This resulted in significant disruption of hospital operations. The earthquake affected more than , families. Damage to suspension bridges ranged from shearing of the tower foundation to complete collapse of the towers. Four major faults exist in and around Karachi and other parts of deltaic Indus, and the southern coast of Makran. The early days of the disaster response were marked by uncoordinated efforts among a whole host of organizations involved in relief work. Survivors are being taught to build transitional shelter using material from retrieved debris, reinforced with locally available materials such as timber and hay in addition to the corrugated galvanized iron CGI sheets provided to them. The distribution of subsequent aftershocks, in the Balakot, Batagram, Allai, and Beshram Qila areas, suggests that the fault ruptureextended in the NW direction. A very dense, high-frequency band of landslides was triggered along the fault rupture trace in the midslope areas; however, it quickly dissipated with distance away from the fault rupture zone. Lifelines Transportation: Road closures completely cut off land access to the Jhelum, Neelum, and Kaghan alleys. However, the destruction was not as dramatic and anguishing as it was in Muzaffarabad. Many such slides, triggered by frequent aftershocks, resulted in significant fatalities.

Another destructive earthquake inmeasuring 6. It was a testing time for the nation but people faced that calamity with ineffable courage and pluck as thousands of people flocked to help their fellow citizens, who had been hit by the worst and most horrible earthquake.

Note: Additional photos from the reconnaissance team can be viewed at www. The landslide was over 1 km wide and the distance between the top of the slip surface and the toe of the debris was more than 2 km.

The former, located north of Muzaffarabad, occurred in a dolomitic limestone unit that had previously failed and dammed the Neelum River for a day.

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Many earthquakes have occurred on these faults. The earthquake affected more thanfamilies. The tremors were as deadly as they could be, regardless of the fact that the impact came in a different shape. The devastating earthquake hit the residents of Azad Kashmir in many ways.

While the country was still reeling from the tragedy in Islamabad, another rude awakening was just around the corner. This article was last updated on Monday, Dec 02, Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Story Of Pakistan.

The Pakistani government's official death toll as of November stood at 87, although it is estimated that the death toll could reach overBecause of the lack of instrumentation, there are no strong motion records within the zone of intense shaking.

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In meetings with public officials, it be- came apparent that there was no code enforcement in the region.

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When the Earth Moved Kashmir