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Some of our products are also suitable for those with limb difference. Try a weighted pen or other writing instrument and instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed writing. Weighted Pen These pens allow patients to grip and write more easily.

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Ring Pen This pen also has proved to be very handy for patients who have problem gripping the pen. Not being able to walk or play does have adverse effects on the patient. You do not have to be registered disabled to claim relief from VAT, but the nature of your illness or disablement must be specified in your declaration.

The pencil grip is now in the correct position and angle, leaving the user to apply only a small amount of force to control it. The large width pen has room for as much as 5, 10 gram weights to fit comfortably inside of it.

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This pen is specially made for patients who suffer from shakiness. Grippit Writing Aid Pack of Three This product is eligible for VAT Relief The user places a finger or thumb in the larger ring of this pencil grip and the implement to be gripped fits inside the smaller ring.

Others have no problem gripping but have a problem controlling each involuntary essential tremor in their hands while they write. With the help of these writing aids, you now have the opportunity to compete with regular people both in educational institutes as well as in the corporate sector.

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Remove or add weight depending on the progression of your tremors or how strong you are feeling that day.

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