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The result from Professor McCormack will be of high value to gain endorsement from consulting firm. The pads offered CMI an opportunity to diversify its product line and increase its sales volume. Also their are significant health risks with asbestos because it has been linked to causing cancer. This left the manufacturers as the segment they could most easily reach with their available resources. Form the table provided it can be evaluated that, CMI pads in comparison to asbestos pads are more feasible as they are performing well enough to accomplish pile hammer project in What is the cost to produce the pads? That is the case because people are not very educated about the curled metal cushion pad technology. This price is not far outside the price range currently required to perform a job using the asbestos pads. Financials are really important when introducing a new product to the market and a move based on need is rather risky. The last segment, the rental companies, would likely not have a strong or positive interest in these pads since they make their money from hourly rental rates and the Cumber-Coil pads would significantly reduce the time per job that the contractors would need their equipment. Opportunities Their is virtually no competition for this product right now. Marketing Strategy 1.

However, the prerequisite for this objective is to get a patent to prevent this product from being copied and imitated.

In regards to this, management of CMI has to develop a distribution channel. As per this difference it can be stated that, CMI pads are more feasible than asbestos pads while conducting the given task or operations.

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How large is the market for curled metal pads? The feeling was that once end users had tried the new products, their demand would drive the retail outlets and supply houses to continue distribution. Also extensive promotion should be present at the place that CMI is being sold to get more people aware of the product itself and the various benefits it has over any other alternative that there is.

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Competition We do not have any direct competition because our product is like any other right now but it mostly comes from the current two products that are being used as cushion pads which are hardwood and asbestos. Professor McCormack and other contractors are giving positive reviews of the product.

This has not take efficiency into consideration yet.

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