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GoSushi try to hire a person from several areas in Jakarta, west Jakarta, south Jakarta, east Jakarta, north Jakarta, at least they know their own area.

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To achieve this goals, GoSushi have to expand new branches which more accessible and known by consumers. Where the set price based on what costs a company to make a product. Lastly, finish the business plan by including all the documents that support all of the information in your appendix. Offline, we will distribute a brochure that includes our menus and the contact number. How old are these people? We implement a cost based pricing strategies. As we know, Jakarta is very populous and dense city. With additional three people, two person in charge as messenger courier and one person as kitchen help. It is slightly different than sushi because it is usually prepared uncooked raw.

Create the financial section of your business plan. For the delivery service, we strive to give a good service for consumers.

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And each company pay 50 Million per year. Below are the milestone and the length of time from the beginning. For instance, through social media such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Incorporate some visuals to make it stand out. The vision of our company is: become the largest Japanese food restaurant in Indonesia. Also, explain the methods that your restaurant is going to use in order to control inventory. Everyone can enjoy our products. Therefore, we avoid stock out of supplies. You have to remember that this section has to be kept short and simple. Think of your business plan as the blueprint for your business. The difference between sushi and sushi roll only on the form of the food. Details information Completion 1. By this data, and as we continuously develop GoSushi can be a market challenger and even become a market leader in the Japanese food industry.

Especially in service restaurant industry. Give a brief overview of yourself and your management team. Download now!

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GoSushi operates in Jakarta, especially central Jakarta. Our selling prices are ranging from IDR Neither children, adults, nor even the elder people.

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GoSushi delivery vehicle.

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