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This focus stimulates the staff to continually examine their own teaching practices. Returning teachers participate in a two-week course before classes start, to sharpen their content knowledge and classroom-management techniques.

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Most recently, Carolyn has served as an educational consultant, working to support district, school, and leadership quality nationally. As with ELA, Success found no off-the-shelf curriculum that met the needs of all students, so it developed its own. We want our kids to go in confident. Success could soon be educating 21, students—about 2 percent of the 1. She then became the assistant principal and principal at the Bronx Leadership Academy II, where she developed a comprehensive teacher performance management system including mid-year reviews and teacher coaching. Over the next two years, 13 additional schools will open. Instead of formulaic evaluations, teachers receive continual feedback and support. Today, the network has 32 schools serving 9, students: 24 elementary schools K—4 , 7 middle schools grades 5—8 , and a new high school. Data report only whether a student has been suspended at least once during the year—not how many times. Unlike at many district schools, teachers are given preparation periods and collaborate frequently and practice lessons together.

But at Success, every student, beginning in kindergarten, takes a full-period, experiment-based science class daily. Writing skills are emphasized in daily workshops from kindergarten through 8th grade. The Audubon Society visits our school and leads bird-watching tours.

bronx writing academy shooting

The residents of this community in existence since were the co-authors of our proposal to establish this unique learning environment.

Disappointingly, two-thirds of the 60 principals who attended were from other charters.

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Students research, write, measure, predict and read as part of their extensive study of the survival of animal life in the Hudson.

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