Anthem individualism essay

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Others in this society have not surrendered their minds to the rulers. When babies are born, they are immediately taken from their parents and put into a House of Infants, where they are taught the values of society Because of his talent, he was sent to the Home of Street Sweepers never drawing again.

By comparing those notions, the essay will point out which novel or which part captures the most accurate understanding of individuals and groups finally.

But tragically, when Equality presents his invention to the House of Scholars, the Scholars cannot see the truth of the discovery, the profit that lies beyond its individualist origins, and demand the destruction of the newly created "evil" He was forced to conform to the laws that he only needed to know what he was taught.

The teachers are petrified of Equality because they do not have the answers to his questions.

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Gaea, the Mother Earth in Greek mythology, was the mother of the Titans, who would later parent the gods. The deluded citizens have only one self-concept available to them — splintered fragments of the group.

Even though Equality himself does not see the path before him, it is inevitable that he break with society and seek his own way in the Uncharted Forest. She, too, defies the decrees of the councils to achieve her ends. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus brought fire to mankind, which illuminated their path and showed man the way toward civilization.

The world was colorful with life then.

Anthem individualism essay

These elements of individuality are considered examples of the Transgression of Preference, the act of singling one person out of the mass of humankind for purposes of establishing a close relationship.

Near the end of the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand the main character, Equality, reaches one of the most important realizations of the entire book about the concept of individualism.

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