An introduction to the issue of increasing ageing population

Why population aging matters a global perspective citation

In general, the next 5 years will require collaboration among Member States, international development organizations, the scientific community, and all sectors of society, which will need to test a variety of approaches to further health and functional capacity in a rapidly aging, diverse population. How will rapid population aging in the industrial world affect international trade, financial markets, and migration patterns? Brady TJ. Population aging is occurring throughout the industrialized world. It must be a priority to retool the health care work force to deliver care centered on older persons and to create and use evidence-based programs to best promote healthy aging. Long-term supportive services at home are essential during this phase of life. Nor are they able to identify community resources and the extended-care team needed to respond to the health issues of older persons. Dementia: a public health priority. Another option has been posed for a situation of "dynamic equilibrium".

Its research reveals that many of the views of global ageing are based on myths and that there will be considerable opportunities for the world as its population matures. What can societies do to maintain or extend healthy and active life in relation to rising life expectancy?

Appendix B is a list of recent National Academies publications bearing on the topics touched on here.

An introduction to the issue of increasing ageing population

What steps can be taken to optimize physical and cognitive health and productivity across the life span? Palliative care for older people.

Causes of ageing population

Population aging in the aggregate—the increasing proportion of elderly in the population—is occurring in industrialized nations as both mortality and fertility decline. What will be the macroeconomic implications of an aging population? Primary prevention focuses on four risk factors: harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use. Washington, D. However, population ageing also increases some categories of expenditure, including some met from public finances. A focus on prevention requires that the health team better understand the intimate relationship that exists between intrinsic capacity, environment, and the technologies used to compensate for the normal losses that occur as part of the aging process. Saad P.

In the final group discussion, several participants offered their perspectives. Dementia: a public health priority.

aging population and healthcare

Time for progress towards equality.

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Population ageing