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A year later an armed uprising which had raised the integration banner as its objective was put down by the British. With the rule of the house of Khaled weakening, the Al Sabah emerged as the dominant clan, and were formally established as rulers of Kuwait in Kuwaiti society embraced liberal and Western attitudes throughout the s and s.

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Upon the death of the Emir Jaber in JanuarySaad Al-Sabah succeeded him but was removed nine days later by the Kuwaiti parliament due to his ailing health. Social fields were later added, including educational and health constructions.

The annexation of Kuwait however was short-lived. In Kuwait became a member of the United Nations, and later that year Iraq agreed to abandon its threats and recognize Kuwait's independence and borders in a treaty signed by both governments. Throughout the s, there were several terror attacks in Kuwait, including the Kuwait bombingshijacking of several Kuwait Airways planes and the attempted assassination of Emir Jaber in The government has used its oil revenues to build ports, roads, an international airport, a seawater distillation plant, and modern government and office buildings.

GDP in Kuwait averaged On June 19, Kuwait gained full independence from Britain. The GDP value of Kuwait represents 0. Kuwait's television drama industry tops other Persian Gulf drama industries and produces a minimum of fifteen serials annually.

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A Brief History of Kuwait