An analysis of the characters of the two main characters in cry the beloved country by alan paton

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Thus, Arthur is at the center of the tragedy of the book: he who was trying to help poor black people avoid lives of crime, was murdered by a young black man who was not altogether bad, just corrupted by the system Arthur was trying to change. That's the girl who way back at the beginning of the book one of the men from Ndotsheni asked Kumalo to track down in Johannesburg.

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Instead, he turns for hope to the younger people, that is, his son's wife and her child and Gertrude's young son. When he visits Johannesburg for the funeral for his son and the trial of Absalom, James Jarvis learns more about the social work that Jarvis did on behalf of South Africa and eventually devotes himself to promoting social justice in South Africa. On the evening before his son's execution, Kumalo goes into the mountains to await the appointed time in solitude. All that suggests Absalom's final repentance and his commitment to the faith of his father. He is warm and understanding, and he possesses deep faith. The next few chapters become a kind of detective story, as the two men follow a trail of Absalom's old addresses to try and discover the man himself. Matthew Kumalo He is the son of John Kumalo. Margaret takes the death of her son very hard. On the way, he encounters Jarvis, and the two men speak of the village, of lost sons, and of Jarvis' bright young grandson, whose innocence and honesty have impressed both men. A major reason why Absalom was missing is that he murdered Arthur Jarvis when he, Johannes Pafuri, and his cousin John attempted to rob his house.

Lithebe: A kind, patient, upright religious woman, who boards Kumalo and takes care of him, Gertrude, Gertrude's son, and Kumalo's daughter-in-law. And once they leave their hometowns, these people usually don't come back.

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Father Vincent The priest from England who helps Stephen in his troubles. Lithebe is an Msutu woman who lives in Sophiatown and takes in boarders, especially priests. Kumalo visits the prison with Msimangu, his sister Gertrude, Absalom's girlfriend, and a kindly white priest named Father Vincent. Let him not laugh too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Instead, he turns for hope to the younger people, that is, his son's wife and her child and Gertrude's young son. They visit Kumalo's brother, John, who has become a successful businessman and politician, and he directs them to the factory where his son and Absalom once worked together. The girl seems thrilled to have the chance to leave Johannesburg and settle down with the Kumalos, even if it means marrying an accused murderer. Napoleon Letsitsi He is the new agricultural demonstrator in Johannesburg whom James Jarvis sends to Ndotsheni in order to teach modern farming methods in the region. The local police bring him news of his son's death, and he leaves immediately for Johannesburg with his wife. He and Kumalo meet for the first time by accident, and after Kumalo has recovered from his shock, he expresses sadness and regret for Jarvis' loss. Throughout the novel, from beginning to end, he is humble, pious, and sensitive. The country was at that time one of the leading " frontline states " to apartheid South Africa and a centre for artistic activity that often stood in quiet opposition to the racist regime just across the border.

He went to Johannesburg to find Stephen's sister, but never returned or even wrote to his parents. Read an in-depth analysis of Theophilus Msimangu.

Absalom Kumalo and two friends murdered Jarvis while robbing his house. Yet unlike Stephen's, her thoughts are never revealed to the reader.

An analysis of the characters of the two main characters in cry the beloved country by alan paton

Arthur Trevalyan Jarvis A notable city engineer in Johannesburg renowned for his charity work on behalf of blacks in South Africa, he is murdered by Absalom Kumalo during a robbery. After each outburst, he is deeply sorry for his anger and makes reparations in some manner. Kumalo is now deeply aware of how his people have lost the tribal structure that once held them together and returns to his village troubled by the situation. But the proof isn't definite, so he must find them not guilty. Richard Mpiring He is the servant at the home of Arthur Jarvis who witnesses the robbery and murder and identifies Johannes Pafuri as one of the culprits during the trial. Kumalo: Stephen's wife. McLaren He is the moderator of a conference discussing the plight of South Africa who promotes the idea that native crime will decrease only when native South Africans have worthy purposes and goals. James Jarvis later befriends Stephen Kumalo when they meet by chance while Kumalo delivers a letter. Msimangu and Kumalo find the pregnant girl in Pimville, and despite Msimangu's skepticism Kumalo decides that he is responsible for her. Carmichael, the lawyer who will defend Absalom.

With the help of friends, Kumalo obtains a lawyer for Absalom and attempts to understand what his son has become. Lithebe's house secretly, the boy asks about her at first, but soon forgets her.

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Cry, the Beloved Country Characters