America the poop

what makes you poop more

Astronauts want to stay in space suits for seven days, but are limited by their diapers. As part of his decade-long waste-management research, Loso buried human waste in the glacier, then dug it up a year later.

Years of diaper changes and then potty training turned me from a poo-analysis novice to a wizened connoisseur.

Poop takes about a year. More than 1, climbers visit every year, and according to Michael Loso, a glacier geologist at the NPS, these intrepid visitors leave behind more than 4, lbs.

The speed of defecation for humans is in between: two centimeters per second. Our defecation data helped us design an adult diaper for astronauts. Bigger animals have longer feces.

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American Gut Check: How Our Nation Poops