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A schism had developed between Mathers and the London members of the Golden Dawn, who were unhappy with his autocratic rule. Crowley was deported from France by the authorities, who disliked his reputation and feared that he was a German agent.

InCrowley travelled to St Petersburg in Russia, later claiming that he was trying to learn Russian as he was considering a future diplomatic career there.

While on his honeymoon, he wrote her a series of love poems, published as Rosa Mundi and other Love Songsas well as authoring the religious satire Why Jesus Wept A philosophical roller-coaster ride examining core concepts on the nature of human existence explained in a clear language in light of Hermetic Qabalah, Mythology, Thelema, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophy.

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This book connected a lot of previously dispersed concepts for me, it tied so much together but at the same time disintegrated many preconceptions, and opened up new and interesting roadways of thought that I had yet to traverse.

Ina BBC poll ranked him as the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time. Crowley had his first significant mystical experience while on holiday in Stockholm in December Crowley gained widespread notoriety during his lifetime, being a recreational drug experimenter, bisexual and an individualist social critic.

At the age of 8, Crowley was sent to H. Churton suggested that Crowley had travelled to Moscow on the orders of British intelligence to spy on revolutionary elements in the city. When he was suffering from asthma, a doctor prescribed him heroin, to which he soon became addicted.

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In Augusthe took Bertha Busch as his new lover; they had a violent relationship, and often physically assaulted one another.

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