Acct 90004 accounting for decision making

Generic skills Problem-solving, critical thinking, interpretation, analysis and evaluation, written and oral communication and the advancement of collaborative work practices.

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The third part of the subject covers the basic concepts associated with information for managers within the firm. Record accounting transactions and prepare properly formatted Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow and understand the linkages between these reports.

Great resource to refresh your memory, relearn what you forgot or finally get it for the first time! Research skills including the ability to synthesise data to develop and validate a range of propositions. Effective Presentations Questions?

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Check out Investopedia. These are all free websites that give great summaries and overviews to virtually all major accounting topics including ones you should master as part of ACCT BizGuides CSULA Accounting Research Company research involves using multiple databases in order to put together a complete picture of a company's financial strength and market position.

Analyse a range of financial and managerial decisions and the different accounting policies that support these decisions.

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Accounting for Decision Making (ACCT)