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Its development is not an involution but a true evolution. Thus, the development of egocentric speech follows a falling curve.

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What is the fundamental significance of the finding that the coefficient of egocentric speech decreases as the age of the child increases? Yerkes had at his disposal an excellent means of checking his thesis, which for some reason he did not use and which we should be only too happy to apply if we had the material possibility.

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This alone causes us to question the validity of the notion that the source of egocentric speech lies in inadequate socialization. Trial-averaged, time-resolved relative spectral magnitude changes of IU-related brain activity in S1. Table 1. Bipolar stimulation was performed to identify non-overlapping pairs of electrodes with movement- and speech-related functions. Here, my speech is externally reminiscent of egocentric speech i. It is an independent melody or function that facilitates intellectual orientation, conscious awareness, the overcoming of difficulties and impediments, and imagination and thinking. This development constitutes an important aspect of the development of verbal thinking. Since low-frequency effects showed a looser spatial correspondence with ESM-identified speech and mouth motor areas Figures 3 , 4 , we performed quantitative comparisons between ECoG and ESM effects selectively on high gamma frequencies. Intracranial electroencephalography recorded for diagnostic purposes from the human brain includes both electrocorticography ECoG and stereo-electroencephalography and is now increasingly being used to study higher-order cognition. This would require that it cease to be what it is, that it cease to be an association. In its theory of speech, the new psychology retains the thesis of the old; it preserves the concept that thought is independent of word. Initially, these functions arise as forms of cooperative activity.

High-frequency oscillations of population activity are caused by delayed inhibitory feedback Brunel and Hakim, ; Brunel, and shape the oscillatory properties of pairwise neuronal correlations Helias et al. One characteristic of egocentric speech that manifests a clear developmental tendency is its fragmentation and abbreviation.

In his experiments, Yerkes applied four methods of teaching chimpanzees to speak. From the outset, then, we have tried to frame the entire problem in a new way and apply a new method of analysis.

Egocentric speech develops along not a falling but a rising curve. Piaget was apparently the first to recognize the special function of egocentric speech in the child and to understand its theoretical significance. If we are to understand this phenomenon, we must begin with the thesis that inner speech is a psychological formation that has its own unique nature, the thesis that inner speech is a unique form of speech activity that has unique characteristics and stands in complex relationships to other speech forms.

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