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Due to time constraints, the song was cut from the final theatrical version. It can't be expected to have a sense of humor, as well — and as for the light touch of fantasy, it weighs like a pound of fruitcake soaking wet.

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In many cases, they look like special effects. It was re-released by Warner Bros.

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Encouraged by Glinda, the timid Munchkins come out of hiding and celebrate the demise of the witch singing "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" among other cheerful songs until her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West also played by Margaret Hamiltonappears to claim the powerful ruby slippers.

Fearing that Miss Gulch, who does not know that Toto has escaped, will return, Dorothy takes the dog and runs away from home. And therein lies The Wizard of Oz's true magic.

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The film's first LaserDisc release was in , with two versions of a second one from Turner and one from The Criterion Collection with a commentary track for the 50th anniversary release in , a third in , a fourth in , a fifth in and a sixth and final LaserDisc release on September 11, Because of a perceived need to attract a youthful audience through appealing to modern fads and styles, the score had featured a song called "The Jitterbug", and the script had featured a scene with a series of musical contests. Because of the use of the toxic make-up for the other cast members, they could not eat any food while wearing the make-up and many of the actors had to drink from straws during filming. She decides to take Toto and run away. As the hot air balloon is about to leave Oz, Toto jumps off it, and Dorothy must follow him. Daily rushes were used to aid this process. Elaborate sets were conceived and constructed in full scale to create Oz, the Wicked Witch's sanctuary, and the throne room of the Wizard of Oz. They seem relaxed and loose in many scenes, as if the roles were a lark.

Internationally, the film has enjoyed wider distribution than any other American film in history—fantasy, musical or otherwise.

MGM had felt that it made the Kansas sequence too long, as well as being far over the heads of the target audience of children.

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He[ who? Green, Ward H. The special effects in The Wizard of Oz do not look like the special effects in Armageddon or Godzilla. Gale Sondergaard was originally cast as the Wicked Witch. Dorothy rushes back to the farm but is knocked unconscious, inside the house, by a sudden "cyclone" tornado that has already forced her family into the storm cellar behind the house. Mankiewicz , who soon delivered a page draft of the Kansas scenes and a few weeks later, a further 56 pages. The Good Witch sets Dorothy on the path along the yellow brick road which leads to the Emerald City where she will find the Great Wizard of Oz who can help her get back to Kansas. Based on L. Toto escapes and returns to Dorothy, who is momentarily elated but soon realizes Miss Gulch will return. Just as she begins to worry, Glinda appears and tells her that if she clicks her heels together and imagines home, she will return. As a result of these changes, those first scenes need to be re-filmed. And that even the Wizard of Oz is only human, and has problems of his own.

The witch ruled the Land of the Munchkins, little people who think at first that Dorothy herself must be a witch.

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