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Watch on Amazon Prime Video Catastrophe Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney co-write this comedy about a holiday fling that leads to an unplanned pregnancy, and all of the fallout that this entails. Each episode explores timeless philosophical and social ideas.

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An elderly friend and his sister — the latter of which relies on a hand puppet for relative sanity — help him, along with an antique story owner and his best friend. So here, in one easy list, is the best of what Amazon Prime has to offer for TV fans. Like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm centers on a protagonist — in this case, Larry David as himself — who finds himself in mundane, often hilariously awkward situations. A down-to-earth historical fantasy saga, Vikings chronicles the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel from farmer to legendary warrior. No matter where one is born, whether a beggar or a king, the pale rider eventually comes knocking. The show follows a superhero called The Tick Peter Serafinowicz and his companion, Arthur Griffin Newman , who fight crime and investigate a conspiracy involving an infamous supervillain called The Terror Jackie Earle Haley. Read next Behind the scenes of The Dark Crystal, Netflix's retro puppet extravaganza By Victoria Turk Catastrophe Filthy, foul and full of heart, this modern romance is less about love than it is the moments that test it. Starring Ricky Whittle who has made the transition from Hollyoaks to Hollywood with ease and Ian McShane, the show is both bizarre and brazen, cultish and controversial. Expect grisly shock, pulp violence and plenty of gruesome scenes. Those looking for a gripping dose of dark sci-fi will definitely find it here. The modern world, at times, seems like the prelude to a cyberpunk dystopia, at least the way Mr. All four seasons are available. But while you either wait for it to become free it may take a while or wait to decide whether it's worth it, catch up on the first season now to help you make your mind up.

Expect treasure, cannons, cutlasses and yes Michael Bay does number among the producersthe odd explosion. The Tick is an upbeat palate-cleanser after years of more dour superhero tales. Leary received a slew of accolades for both his on-screen performance and his writing on the series, which was commended for its honest, humorous willingness to tackle subjects like depression, addiction, infidelity, and more.

Created by Michael Connelly but brilliantly brought to life by actor Titus Welliver, the series follows the exploits of LA Homicide detective Harry Bosch and features enough grit to pave the longest of driveways.

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But wait, it gets better. Watch on Amazon Prime Video Lost The at-times great, often confounding drama that captivated audiences around the globe in the mids is finally available to stream. The full first season for Hand of God arrived on Amazon Prime, after a successful pilot. After a drunken, impromptu, and mile-a-minute standup set that ends with Midge being arrested, hard-nosed venue employee Susie Myerson Alex Borstein takes Midge under her wing in hopes of molding a diamond in the rough. Robot portrays it. The fourth season will be available to stream from 22 September. The Walking Dead. The sketches often erupt into absurdity, such as a gang war between ventriloquists from different coasts, and the two leads morph easily into the many bizarre characters the plots require. The show also includes short animation and live-action films, pictures, and songs. It's set one year after the events of the final episode of the The Good Wife and this time shifts the focus of the story to Diane Lockhart. Amazon Sesame Street The inspiration behind several movies, a toy that created a buying frenzy, and its own magazine, Sesame Street is a veritable institution. New Girl is charming, witty and easy to blitz through with episodes lasting just 20 minutes. The cast is strong, with Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy and Mackenzie Davies in the lead roles, and the era is made fascinating not only for its nostalgia. Number of seasons on Amazon Prime: 5 Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video Goliath Billy Bob Thornton stars as a washed-up lawyer looking for a big break who stumbles on to a big case that may well give him the solace he needs. The spy show is an excellent character study that makes some thrilling, even outrageous, moves, set against the backdrop of s Washington D.

Netflix may have made history by being the first streaming service to win a Golden Globe, courtesy of the acting talents of Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, but Amazon went and topped this by winning the Best TV Show prize in for Transparent.

The Last Tycoon is occasionally flawed but it's a sumptuous watch. In examining the tensions of married life, the show demonstrates that personal issues like spousal conflict can be every bit as exciting as geopolitical maneuvers.

The show took home the Golden Globe for best comedy or musical series for its debut season, and Brosnahan took home the statue for best actress in a comedy or musical.

It peels away the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in the '30s to show a time when backstabbing was the norm, fascism was on the rise and everyone had an unbelievable amount of money. FBI agent Dale Cooper Kyle MacLachlan arrives to investigate, quickly encountering the many strange characters living in Twin Peaks and uncovering the salacious secrets lurking beneath the surface of their pastoral lives.

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Unbeknownst to him, his therapist, Dr.

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